Senior Basic

This package is for the budget minded without sacrificing quality. One outfit, multiple poses, five images uploaded to a gallery for selection and print purchases. Basic retouching included (Session length 1 hour)


Senior Deluxe

For the more adventurous Senior. One to two outfits, indoor and outdoor locations, bring your own props, up to twenty images uploaded to a gallery. Basic retouching included (Approximately 2 hours).


Senior Ultimate

"Top Shelf". Multiple outfits, bring your own props (well behaved pets welcome) multiple indoor and outdoor locations, special lighting options, up to thirty images, basic retouching on selects. (Approximately 3.5 hours)



Event photography for business conferences, trade shows, holiday gatherings and other occasions. I will capture those important moments for your personal or business needs. (This does not include wedding photography)


Sports-Action - Individual

Do you have an athlete, dancer or performer in your life? Do you want pictures of but don't want to miss the action by fumbling with your camera or worse yet - phone? Leave the picture taking to me and enjoy the show.

Starting at $225

Web Content

Website and social media content drive business in todays world. Don't waste money on stock photos that limit use and require licensing fees. I'll take the images that solve your business needs and they're yours to use as you see fit.

Starting at $250


Does travel time to locations count towards the session time?

Only if the location of is outside of Hall County.

What are special edits? Composites?

Special edits are adjustments to the image that add a dramatic look, flares, black and white conversions, or other trendy looks. Blemish removal is included with the basic retouching. Composites are the combining of multiple images to create one totally unique image - such as sky replacement, split-toning, color grading and other effects.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

Generally, yes unless there is a scheduling conflicts. Extended sessions are charged at an hourly rate in addition to the original session.

What kind of gear do you use?

I primarily shoot Sony and Nikon bodies. I use glass (lenses) from Sony, Nikon, Zeiss and Tamron. I also use strobe or flash lighting in just about every setting/location I shoot in. Balancing ambient light with strobes produces a higher quality image.

Do I have to order prints through you?

No. However for convenience, my clients can order prints directly from the online gallery I provide of their images. Clients may also purchase the digital files of the images and print them through a print service of your choice.

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