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Notes from the studio

Daily Blog (well, when ever I get to it) of the happenings in and around Grand Island related or not related to photography....mostly related to photography...

Photography, it really is subjective

Ok this isn't a rant, its to engage my customers, friends, critics and pretty much anyone who is interested in my work or photography in general. 

First things first - ground rules:

  1. Bashing, slanderous comments or degrading innuendos (about me or anyone else participating in this blog) will cause you to be banned, forced to walk the plank, hung from a yardarm, face a firing squad and/or be placed on time out. If content in this blog offends your sensibilities, don't read it. I do encourage colorful, fun commentary.  
  2. Honest critiques - my images or the images I post for students, friends or family (with the proper authorization) are fair game for critiques. But remember this, photography is subjective. You may love what you see or it may disgust you - others will have the opposite view. Photography is art. It's a visual documentation/representation of a subject that the photographer likes or found interesting. So use your head when commenting. 
  3. I will not berate other photographers, including my competition. Remember, photography is subjective. (Giving an honest critique is not berating - it is an important teaching tool to help someone improve their skills) If you get butt-hurt because me or someone else says your image is under exposed, composition is off or god-forbid its referred to as a snapshot rather than an image... this isn't the place for you. 

Ok - enough rules, they bore people. I'll really try to update the blog on a daily basis. However, there will be times I'm just too busy - such is life... 

Upcoming offerings, events, workshops. 

Valentines Day quick session: Portrait in the studio that includes 5x7 print and digital file $35 tax included! The 5x7 is ready before you leave the studio.... Digital image will be provided by a link. Walk-ins welcome! Call, email or message me if you are interested.

Workshops dates will be announced the week of Jan 22!

Prints - If I have taken images at an event that you want a print from let me know! I print in house and my prices are very reasonable. These are especially handy for high school graduation receptions and other events where prints are put on display....